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tv   News  ABC  October 9, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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they have avoid -- time to save cash in time for black friday so you have money. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. charley is out live at the yard. we will check in with him in bit. but before heading out, you have to know what the weather is like and here'sliette charles. >> good morning -- here's lynette charles. >> the weather is rany in some spots so -- rany in some spots. -- rainy in some spots so grab the rain gear. heading into kent county, we are seeing showers around galena, betterton and chestertown. also showers across the area rock hall getting in on wet weather and we jump over the bay and you can see where we are around anne arundel county arnold annapolis and and chesap supplieding moo calvert -- sliding into calvert county. also, very chilly temperatures. let's check the abc2 timesaver
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traffic with lauren cook. patchy fog as well. >> reporter: one to watch out for the fog. it's leading to reduced visibility. you will want to turn on the low beams. we are dealing with the delays on route 295. there's a crash along the southbound lanes at arundel mills boulevard. for those of you use -- at arundel mills boulevard. in howard county nothing in your way towards d.c. or north up towards the tunnels. and 95 in white marsh at route 43, traffic picking up in the area. you are looking at a 16-minute ride right now traveling southbound from the beltway all the way to downtown baltimore. if you are using 695, here's what it looks like in parkville at harford road. nothing to get in your way as you head up towards towson. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic many megan over to you. cyber bullying is a problem educators and apparent across the country are -- and apparent across the country are battling -- and parents across the country are battling. grace mccomas would have turned 16 today. her cousins are having a
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birthday celebration and want to invite you. sherrie johnson is here to explain how people can participate. what is this all about. >> reporter: well it's easy. just be kind to someone and show it to them. all it takes is one kind word and you are invited to text or send a message through social media to someone who just may need a boost. 4500 people have signed up for the kindness for grace day. the cousins of grace mccomas says she would be alive if bullies gave her that respectch the student committed suicide on easter sunday after her family says she was bullied online for a year. since then, raven's running back ray rice has sponsored antibullying events and her cousins are challenge people to say kind words through twitter facebook and e-mail and believe kindness would have kept grace alive and they say we should step outside the comfort zone and send a message to someone who is shy or quiet and the goal is to reach the bullies that have them delete the words that kill. >> and just hearing like kind
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words from your friends or from people you are friends with that can make your day. >> they will rethink their actions and decide being nice to people can change someone. >> reporter: again, over 4500 people have signed up for the kindness pledge and people from across the country are also catching on. and if you want to september invitation to kindness for grace we have a link on the website that's in the in the slide show. sherrie johnson, abc to news -- abc2 news. a frederick county teen trying to speak out about bullying comes under assault in front of a news crew. he he was getting ready for ain't view student started to harass him. we have the details. >> the student came up to me and pushed me out of the way and said what are you recording. >> reporter: three boys approached and one began hitting him in the head. >> the student was chasing me and all the friend were chasing
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me and then, so i ran and got some help. >> he was preparing a talk on camera but being bullied when the attack happened and he was chased back to the school. >> reporter: he learned to go to the administration especially after what happened last week. >> a student tackled me and i responded punching him back to stand up for myself. >> reporter: but for fighting back he was suspend for three days. now his mother is hoping the school will take action against this bully. >> i am hoping now they take this more seriously than they have. >> reporter: the cool says they are investigating the incident -- school says they are investigating the incident and identifying the suits. >> investigation is number one. that's -- identifying the students. >> investigation is number one and then we will go from there roar says he experienced bullying including cyber bullying which he thinks made it worse. >> now the county knows and it's spreading around and now
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when when i go place people say i saw the interview. >> i feel strong and i think. [audio not understandable] >> i think bullying is a problem at many schools around the country. night just a problem -- it's not just a problem but a problem everywhere. >> you have to have one heart and stand up for someone who is getting bullied and it needs to stop. >> taste katy reporting. abc2 is work for you on the facebook -- work for you on facebook. waif link -- we have a link to help you with bull krisies. -- bullies. you can see a baldman walking around near middle of the screen. it appears that he he has a gun in his hand and shoots up would have been the -- above the dancing cloud. he is a person of interest in murder on september 16th inside a bar on south pulaski street. if you recognize him, call authorities. they want to hear from you. abc2 wants to help you out
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and save you money for your christmas shopping. so there's things you can do. steps to take now to help stash away a buck or two before black friday. so first, stop paying for text messages and the possible over ages charges. down loading free -- overage charges. sift through the wallet and sell unwanted gift cards you have that have been laying around for quite sometime. the average household has 300 dollars worth of unused gift cards. and last, instead of waiting for a huge refund on the tax returns in the spring, adjust withholdings that could save you money, too. >> that's your money. that's money that of course the government is giving back in the spring but why let the irs hold onto it all year. you can save or investing the money or earning interest along the way or spending on worthwhile ventures such as holiday gifts. >> see $500 within the next two months by simply filing a new w- 4 at work. stay with us, are you
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thinking about cooking eggs? a lot of you are. it's a great breakfast meal. but you might not want to do it because they couldn't be cracked up to what they say they are. we will tell you how some say the healthiest benefits might not be from that breakfast. and also ahead this morning, criticism over sugary sodasintensifies and some beverage are rolling out vending machines that will put calorie counts at your fingertips. be a we have been -- and we have been watching temperatures and in baltimore it's 48 degrees. we are seeing temperatures at 52 in annapolis and if you want to see what's going on with the radar, you can see that showers pulling through the area. all you have to do is go to the apps store and down load the app and we will talk about warmer temperatures and when the sunshine will come back out coming up. >> reporter: good morning. traffic is extremely congested right now here on 695 at oldcourt road. i will show you what the other main lines look like coming up on good morning maryland. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven.
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thanks for joining us. if you plan on cook an egg for breakfast, you may be worried about the saturated fat and cholesterol content but should you be? a registered dietitian says it depends. >> if you have he canisting heart disease or -- existing high disease or high cholesterol you want to be more cautious. so we are not as strict as the two yokes per week from before but restricting to 4 yokes per week now. >> she says egg whites are a safe option and a good source of protein. the cold and flu season is just around the corner. but there are things you can do to decrease the chances of becoming sick. best defense is to be vaccinated. doctors recommend a healthy diet and adequate rest and
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washing your hands frequently and trying to get exercise in. the world's largest retailer says they want you to be more financially responsible. wal-mart is taking a leap into the banking world. their offer on prepaid cards for low income consumers. we love crabs in maryland. a crab place opening up and today they are giving away some discounts. >> we have patchy fog chilly temperatures and rain. i will tell you when we see improving conditions coming up. >> reporter: traffic is starting to pick up here on 95. at 195. i will show you where there's congestion cowping on good morning maryland -- coming up on good morning maryland.
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good tuesday morning october 9th and this is your abc2 news a go. a lot going on on this tuesday morning amount win for the o's in the american league divisional series. charley he is live this morning telling you what is next for the team. but first let's check on the weather with meteorologist lynette charles. what do we need to know. >> you need the rain gear and also a coat because we are reiny and chilly. stepping out and about, it's
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going -- rainy and chilly. stepping out and about it's going to be raw like yesterday. it's dropping rain across the area as of now. we can see rain now around cecil county and also we can see it around rock hall to the north moderate shower now. chestertown getting in on that. edgemere is getting on the tail end and also we see it around havre de grace i-95 aberdeen and chesapeake city and cecilton this morning. wet weather to be had. we will slowly but surely begin to get this out of here going throughout the day. but temperatures this morning, we are not going to escape the chilly temps through the afternoon. on the cool side and only at 44 degrees right now. and pylesville 45. and sykesville at 45 degrees and this is what we are working with for the planner today as we head into 3:00. the high temperature 57 degrees and it's going to be cool. let's check the abc2 time saber traffic with lauren cook. also fog. >> reporter: yes. fog is going to be a big problem morning. you will want to expect reduced visibility and there are heavy delays on route 295 right now all due to a crash along the
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southbound lanes ever at route 100 confined to the shoulder but causing a backup. heading out to the beltway, here's a live look at northwest corner at old court road. traffic just crawling right now. it's going to take you 10 minutes extra to travel that outer loop from 795 down towards interstate 70. speeds clocking at 19 miles per hour. here's beltway at harford road. you will want to watch out for an accident as you make your way to towson on the inner loop at 83. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan over to you. a playoff baseball is alive and well in baltimore. the o's last night kep the playoff hopes alive in a 3-2 win over the new york yankees. and now the teams they hit the road headed to new york. charley is back live at camden yards with more on the game and a look ahead a the what's to come -- at what's to come. [audio not understandable] >> reporter: you have -- pour
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players and fans -- for players and fans. [audio not understandable] >> we apologize we are havingaudioish wiews charley. but a -- audio issues with charley but is the place to go for all things o's. switching gears a little bit we will talk about jerry sandusky because it's sentencing day for the former penn state assistant football coach the he will learn his pinish -- coach. he will learn his opinionishment for sexually abusing ten -- punishment for asexually abusing ten boys. >> reporter: he is 68 and is likely to spend the ret of his life in prison when he is is convict later today-- when he is convicted later today. his lawyer says he will speak at sentencing. spent the last three months writing a statement statement he plans to read. -- statement he plans to read. he issued a audiotape from prison and it was record and released on penn state's many h
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innocence and says the accusers are -- station. he maintains his innocence and says the accusers are lying. sandusky plans to fight for a new trial. he puts the blame on his accusers. >> the young man who is dramatic a vat veteran accuser and sought attention started everything joined by a well orchestrated effort of the media investigators and system and penn state and psychologist and civil attorneys and other accusers. they won. >> reporter: now at least one of his victims will take the stand to testify at today's sentencing. after sandusky is sentenced, he will undergo extensive evaluation to determine which state prison he will be sent to. linda so, abc2 news. maryland law make are accused of using came -- lawmaker accused of using campaign money to pay for wedding expenses is due in court. tiffany als stone is -- alston
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is speced. state -- expected in court. they had been work on a plea agreement but couldn't come up with a resolution on this. now earlier this year, alston was found guilty of theft and misconduct. this from a completely separate case. handful of issues -- there are a handful of issues voters will decide including the dream act and marge equality act. those who are referred to -- or familiar with it, it's referred to as question 4 and question 6. so tonight baltimore city league of women voters will hold a forum to discuss both sides of the issue. the event is going to take place at morgan state university and they will debate it and answering questions. state leaders are trying to do all they can do to get thousands of people to register to vote before the october 16th deadline. today, senator larry young will be among a group holding a news conference to discuss various activities used to get people to register. the goal is to get 25,000 new
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voters to register before the deadline. that conversation will take place at new shiloh baptist church in baltimore. five things to know as you head out this morning. every year, house fires kill 2300 people. they injure thousands more. what are the top causes? we will find out today. that's when the consumer product safety commission release as new report. wal-mart and american express are teaming up to offer a prepaid money card that acts like a checking account without fees. customers can deposit a check by taking a picture with a smart phone. all next week expect the service to begin in thousands of stores and online. an indicator the holiday shopping season is fast approaching. this morning, neiman marcus unveils the christmas catalog. it's featuring extravagant gifts like a 1 million dollar water fountain. soda machines tell you the cost and now we will know the calorie count before making a purchase. major beverage companies including coke pepsi and dr.
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pepper will roll out new vending machines next year. and an he can sighting day for students -- exciting day for students at booker t. washington elementary school. ed reed will teach student the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and demonstrate the drills and exercises. they carry some of the hottest crab dishes around. the there's no doubt about it -- there's no doubt about it and the doors will swing wide open at 11 this morning at the newest joe's crab shack. this one is in hunt valley. you can see several people have gotten ready and are camping out to win crabs for one year. the first 100 people through the door will get a prize. i can understand camping out for this. >> free crabs for a year. i can do that i don't care if it's cold or anything. i would be out there with bells on. >> i would too. you know what, that's what we should have done. >> exactly. that's what we are going to do this morning. we are dealing withchilly
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temperatures. we have some wet weather. but it's slowly diminishing and that's the name of the game going throughout the day. in terms of the cloud cover, that's going to be sticking around for a while. we might see a few breaks in the clouds many but the clouds will be holding tough. but, here are the temperatures and they are chilly. 45 in norrisville. shadyside in the upper 40s and rock hall. mid-40s around jessup damascus at 43 and federalsburg at 49 the northeast at 47. this is the one a system that moved -- this is the system this moved through in the atlantic. but we are wait for the cold front to traverse the area by tomorrow. it's going to be a dry front and will keep us mainly dry. partly cloddy skies throughout the day. more sunshine will move in here as we go into thursday. but for today, that high temperature at 57. and that is below average once again. we will be chilly dealing with some late pappy fog going through the evening.
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69 for tomorrow. much warmer and here's the 7- day forecast for you as thursday and friday look nice. 62 and 66. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with several accidents. a crash has been moved to the shoulder of the southbound lanes of route 295. that's right at route 100. we have big problems right now on 695 and there's crash in towson on the inner loop at 8 3. and as we head over to west, here's what it looks like at old court road it's going to take 10 extra minutes right now to travel that outer loop from 795 down towards interstate 70. speeds clocking in at just 19 miles per hour. and here's 95 downtown. everything is moving along here at 395. no problems getting through the fort mchenry tunnel or the harbor tunnel this morning. all right. playoff baseball is back and live in baltimore again. it's been a while. let's check in with charley crowson live at camden yards. we couldn't hear you earlier. now you are crystal clear.
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>> reporter: and you can hear me. we will give you everything you need to know for the days to come. today is a travel day for the orioles and yankees. they are heading up to new york where baltimore has success throughout the course of the season. now it's 6-3 record against new york in the bronx and also it was the one ball park on the road for which the orioles hits the most home runs. so, they are comfortable going up and playing in the scenario. but it's play off baseball wednesday night. game time set for 7:37. that could change begin what happens with the detroit series. they are playing oakland and with the cincinnati series, they are playing san francisco. so the time could change but whatever you need to know wednesday night, there will be baseball in new york, guys. >> looking forward to it thanks so much charley. get warm and get a cup of cocoa or something. i am sure you will be down there all week long. get used to it. before we go we want to leave you with great video that makes you say oh. this is poochs taking part in
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an olympic style competition. my dog couldn't do that. take a look. this is from the hurdle to the obstacle courses and look at that even in the pool. catching and jumping in the pool. so these dogs can do just about anything any time all leaving you wondering with one question. can my dog do that. all of us have dogs up here. you have velvet who is a couch potatoe. >> yeah. my lap yes. >> all right. >> you. >> reporter: sophie is a couch potatoe. >> that wouldn't be for them. but share those pet pictures on facebook lauren might use one as a caption this. >> and keep orioles pictures coming too. >> absolutely. >> reporter: e-mail them to especially if you are heading up to the bronx we would love to see the pictures many we want to see orange in those fans. so enjoy it we want to hear the stories. hit us up on facebook and visit us at have a great day now to good
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morning america. see you in a bit. >> go orioles.
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